Why do we love stories.


I love stories.

I can’t stand a speech with a denomination of structured and previsible arguments, but i can follow a story with real people during hours. I am sure you all remember a moment you were hipnotized by someone telling a story…

First, let’s do an quick experience and take a look at this video :

So inspirationnal.. the viewer-experience is great, but why ?

3 reasons.

– Stories are about people

Story directly involve humans. We can directly identify into Sean’s story. I had the feeling to be directly involved in his fight against cancer. It’s fascinating. We were all climbing the everest with him. By using a story, the arguments and values you want to support become evident.

Even if people became more and more individualist, it seems to me we still have a kind of connection with every human. A natural and true human relationship. Beyond the social classes barriers and « professional » attitudes. Beyond cultures and languages.

– Stories are about emotions

By listenning to the story, you are able to feel the emotions of the man. You will remember the feeling of Sean when he knew he had the cancer, as well as when he made his come back ! It is still a matter of identification. Those emotions are the perfect way to make people listen to you and the best way to convince them.

– Great stories are authentic

People love stories, real ones, not only advertisement stories that we immediately recognize as fake ones ! we can’t invent great stories, that’s it !

Authenticity means to respire truth.

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