Why do we love stories.


I love stories.

I can’t stand a speech with a denomination of structured and previsible arguments, but i can follow a story with real people during hours. I am sure you all remember a moment you were hipnotized by someone telling a story…

First, let’s do an quick experience and take a look at this video :

So inspirationnal.. the viewer-experience is great, but why ?

3 reasons.

– Stories are about people

Story directly involve humans. We can directly identify into Sean’s story. I had the feeling to be directly involved in his fight against cancer. It’s fascinating. We were all climbing the everest with him. By using a story, the arguments and values you want to support become evident.

Even if people became more and more individualist, it seems to me we still have a kind of connection with every human. A natural and true human relationship. Beyond the social classes barriers and « professional » attitudes. Beyond cultures and languages.

– Stories are about emotions

By listenning to the story, you are able to feel the emotions of the man. You will remember the feeling of Sean when he knew he had the cancer, as well as when he made his come back ! It is still a matter of identification. Those emotions are the perfect way to make people listen to you and the best way to convince them.

– Great stories are authentic

People love stories, real ones, not only advertisement stories that we immediately recognize as fake ones ! we can’t invent great stories, that’s it !

Authenticity means to respire truth.

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Brand yourself and create your own manifesto

Brands are now trying to establish who they are through manifestos: simply state what they believe and why they do what they do. Here are my favorites:

  • Quiksilver
  • The North Face
  • (RED) Products


Those manifestos are really inspirational and drive the stakeholders of those companies. This is why they wake up everyday to sell those products!

But why companies or charities are the only organizations to create manifestos?
I think that we should all have a manifesto that illustrate our vision of what the world is, of what animates our mind and get us on fire! We are all brands and your values should be clear to you. Everyday, without exception.
How? connect dots.

With every book that you read, every quote, every article, every video, every brand manifesto you love, make a summary of what makes you cry, yell and hit the wall. Then, read it everyday when you wake up, no exception. It will become a part of you and give you confidence on who you are and what you want to achieve.

Here’s mine.

Trust yourself.
Failing is not trying. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Purpose before self. Start something that matters.
No great thing is created suddenly.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Give more.
Light your candle with their torches.

It’s your turn now. Just do it! 

The Color Run @ Richmond: Madness, Smiles and Happiness !

Free Love and Sharing are becoming scarce elements in our monotone and stressed countries, jobs, cities… rare but not impossible to find!

I had the opportunity to participate to a Color Run last week in Richmond (Virginia) as a volunteer with my great friend Meagan (her twitter blog and website! ). One of the most craziest and wonderful experience in my short life!

Simple concept for a meaningful impact : Thousands of people running for happiness and charity during 5k (CHAT). Each kilometer people get blitzed by the staff, the volunteers and sponsors with 5 colors! Great music and hyper energetic volunteers during a few hours.
The result is more than simple: a wonderful sharing experience between the 9000 participants. Everyone forgets his day-to-day problems and enjoys the moment! what a blast!

As volunteers and more specifically « Captains of Fun », we were totally involved in the process of delivering love and happiness to people! High 5s and great hugs were mandatory ! I loved it. Seing those smiles in every young, old, red, blue, pink, green yellow faces was unbelievable.

3 keys to their success:

– A race with 9000 winners: the staff is focus on delivering the same fun experience to every color runner ! no competition, only sharing.

– A global experience: that sharing experience starts from the application to the race til the runner leave the place of the run! They join the color runners community and from the minute when they arrive at the race, the staff is at the disposal of the participant for any help, from the water to take a picture, from an high five to a huge group hug! After the race, the party is crazy and the runners dance in a color sky!

– When an sport event becomes a brand: the color run is more than a race. It is a real philosophy around happiness and fun. The unique experience provided and a wonderfully designed event create a special relation between the crowd and « The Color Run » Brand. People are attracted by the « why? » of the race, which is creating the happiest 5k in the world.

The Color Run is currently present in the US and soon in Australia. Meagan and me will do our best to get it in Europe and globalize the color runners community. If that project goes somewhere and another article will come out quickly… 🙂